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***Please note: The Marion County Hospital District follows CDC guidelines to maintain a safe workplace environment.

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Right now is a stressful time, but AMP is here to help relieve some stress and help with your physical and mental health. Connect with us on our social and digital platforms (@activemarion) to view our videos.

We all want to be healthier.

The fact is, it’s tough, especially if we’ve been a little too slow to self motivate. Well, we’re about to flip the script to help get you motivated, and stay motivated, with Active Marion Project (AMP). It’s an innovative county program and smartphone app developed right here to help all Marion County residents live a healthier lifestyle. Just download the app and you’re off and running (maybe not literally though).

A new, healthier you is just waiting to get out.

Get on the Road to Fitness

Active Marion Project (AMP) is a project of the Marion County Hospital District. AMP acts as a challenge to residents of Marion County to get up and running (or walking) towards healthier lifestyles. Through community and workplace initiatives, fun challenges and events and free diet and exercise tips, AMP aims to motivate the community to become healthier, together.

With a focus on fitness and nutrition in a fun and competitive environment, we are promoting a culture of health to residents of Marion County. This culture will ultimately help us prevent chronic, long-term illnesses such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

AMP - Active Marion Project

What is new with Active Marion Project?

Map My Miles

Ever wonder how far you have walked or wish there was a map that would let you know how many steps you have taken? Then, here ya go! AMP has created maps for popular areas in Marion County that you may visit. Click on the maps below to view:

AMPlify You

AMPlify You is a partnership with Active Marion Project and the Frank Deluca YMCA, created to share the message of health with all Marion County residents. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to see new videos. #jointhemovement

AMP has partnered with the Frank DeLuca YMCA to create AMPlify You, a digital wellness channel with the goal of increasing Marion County residents’ health literacy.

According to The Wellness Network, 36% of adults have serious limitations in their health literacy skills. Low health literacy goes hand in hand with poor health outcomes such as increased risk of death, increased hospitalization rates, increased ER visits, and increased need for home health care. Poor healthy literacy contributes to $106 to 238 billion in increased healthcare spending each year.

Through educational and engaging videos, AMPlify You will promote healthy behaviors, teach how to prevent injury and chronic disease, and offer self-care skills and tips. Videos will be distributed through AMP and the YMCA’s social media networks. Our goal is to have the videos viewed over 1 million times through the course of the year and reach over 300,000 Marion County residents.

Please help us reach our goal and increase Marion County health literacy by following our AMPlify You channel on YouTube and sharing the videos on your social media outlets.

Current App Challenge

Quarter 1 2020 has ended and we are excited to recognize all those who reached Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum achievements. Although we can’t give out prizes until the Coronavirus crisis is over, we wanted to still give you a shout out for all your hard work!

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Right now is a stressful time, but AMP is here to help relieve some stress and help with your physical and mental health. Connect with us on our social and digital platforms (@activemarion) to view our videos.

Thanks for visiting the Active Marion Project website and learning more about us. We are available and happy to answer any questions that you may have. Please email us:

Updates for AMP and more information can be found on our social media pages. Connect with us @activemarion and #jointhemovement. Then, feel free to share any of our content and updates with your friends.

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